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Especially During These Uncertain Times The Coronavirus outbreak is having a significant impact on information technology businesses in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Is your IT business struggling or at risk of closing permanently if business disruption continues?  During these uncertain and stressful times, ITExitStrategy is here to help you explore your options and discover fair outcomes for you and your business. Contact the team at ITExitStrategy – we are here for you!
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Entrepreneurs extensively plan for building a new business. However, quite often, little to no effort is put into the planning of one’s exit from a business. Download Infographic Many entrepreneurs don’t start planning until it is too late, resulting in the failure to achieve both personal and business goals. Failure to prepare a thorough exit plan may even lead to an inability to sustain one’s lifestyle after the exit, or may negatively affect the company’s
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Exit Strategy goals
First Step to IT Exit Planning The first step in planning an exit strategy is being clear on what your goals are, both for yourself and your business. All of the different exit strategies available have their pros and cons. Some options allow you to retain a financial stake or various levels of involvement in the business, either in an advisory or day-to-day role. Some give your company a better chance of surviving in its
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Advantages of selling your it business privately
Advantages of Selling Your IT Business Privately with ITExitStrategy Selling a business can be complicated, but as a business owner, you have more options than you may realize. Choosing the wrong approach could have drastic financial consequences for both you, the owner, and your business. A private sale with ITExitStrategy is understandably the easiest way to exit your IT business. There are many advantages to opting for this exit strategy. Advantages Can generate significant revenue
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IT Exit Strategy 10 Step Guide
IT Exit Strategy in 10 Steps Start Preparing Your IT Business for Sale Have you ever dreamed of building a company so successful that after only a few years you were able to sell it to a bigger company? Then, you could take your earnings and relax, travel, work on passion projects, or get right back into the swing of things with a completely new venture. What you’re dreaming of is the execution of a
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