You Need An IT Exit Strategy

Are you looking to sell your IT small business? Then you need an IT Exit Strategy.

We provide you with unique, secure resources to help you sell your IT business with confidence. We are not a business broker and don’t charge fees  – so you don’t have to worry about someone just working for a commission. We offer fully vetted, targeted buyers who have expert knowledge of the IT business and are interested in purchasing your small IT business.

We completely understand the “Blood, Sweat and Tears” that you have invested in your business and want you to be compensated.

Our Process

federation of small it business

Federation of Businesses

ITExitStrategy is a federation of IT small businesses that are interested in purchasing other IT small businesses.

confidential and secure

Confidential & Secure

Your information is not posted publicly or distributed to anyone other than ITExitStrategy members. We understand how this can impact your existing clients.

connect with IT business owners


Connect with trustworthy IT business owners and find opportunities to earn recurring revenue from the business you have built.

learn your options to selling your business

Learn Your Options

With the proper connections you can learn what options you have available. You are in control of what you determine is an equitable arrangement for selling your business.

sell your business with confidence

Sell With Confidence

You don’t have to worry about someone just working for a commission. The parties involved can negotiate exactly what both feel is equitable and beneficial.

be rewarded

Be Rewarded

We are truly seeking to engage in a mutually beneficial business transaction so all parties can be rewarded for the blood, sweat and tears that you’ve invested over the years.

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Sell Your IT Business with Confidence.