Advantages of selling your it business privately

Advantages of Selling Your IT Business Privately

Advantages of Selling Your IT Business Privately with ITExitStrategy

Selling a business can be complicated, but as a business owner, you have more options than you may realize. Choosing the wrong approach could have drastic financial consequences for both you, the owner, and your business.

A private sale with ITExitStrategy is understandably the easiest way to exit your IT business. There are many advantages to opting for this exit strategy.


  • Can generate significant revenue
    Yes! You are in control of what you determine is an equitable arrangement for selling your IT business.
  • No brokerage fees
    Paying commission to the broker leaves the seller feeling discontented as a big chunk of the payment gets disbursed to the broker. Starting at 10%, they may go up to 15% of the whole amount which transforms into a lot of money. When you take the responsibility of selling your business privately, you effortlessly save this money which can be reinvested into other ventures. Thus you can earn a higher return on your investment and diversify your finances. → Check out how much you will save with our brokerage fee savings calculator »
  • Focused Attention
    Brokers are simultaneously working on a number of projects and it becomes difficult for them to pay individual attention to each sale. At times, the small business is neglected and remains unsold for a long time.
  • Quick Response time
    As the owner of the business, you know the company inside-out and are quick in responding to queries from prospective buyers. You can provide instant information on all aspects of the business, whereas an agent will have to consult you and then return to the buyer which can delay the process and lead to loss of interest from the buyer.
  • Flexibility to Make Changes
    Since you control the negotiations, you are free to make changes according to your needs and requirements without the worry of breaking a contract.

Demystifying the disadvantages

  • Requires suitable buyers.
    True – and ITExitStrategy offers vetted, targeted buyers who have expert knowledge of the IT business and assign a high value to your company.
  • Can take longer than expected
    An equitable arrangement can quickly be reached because there is no time wasted on trying to find suitable buyers. Which means you can get right to negotiations.
  • Fewer buyers, lower price
    There is no shortage of buyers when you choose to sell with ITExitStrategy! The more potential buyers for your business, the better, since then you can establish a fair market price.

Selling your business privately with ITExitStrategy is the best way to get the highest price for your IT business. It is not dependent on any third-party who can exert its control and take advantage of the situation to mint money. If you are putting up your IT business for sale in the DMV area (DC, Maryland & Virginia), then the smart way to go about it is with ITExitStrategy.

Looking to Sell Your IT Business?

If you are located in the DMV – DC Metro Area (Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia) and are interested in selling your Information Technology business please complete our seller’s form.

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