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About ITExitStrategy

Sell Your IT Small Business

Sell Your IT Business and Earn a Return from the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Over the Years.

ITExitStrategy is a federation of Information Technology (IT) small businesses that are interested in purchasing other IT small businesses. Our group completely understands the Blood, Sweat, and Tears that you have invested in your company.

We have witnessed Information Technology (IT) businesses close for a variety of reasons; whether retirement, exhaustion with the stress related to the IT industry, selection of another career path, another job opportunity, or a myriad of other factors.

What we have also witnessed in the majority of these situations is that the person or persons that built that business didn’t receive any compensation for their efforts.

Many small business owners within any industry at times are convinced that business acquisitions are just for the “big guys.” That doesn’t have to be the case with your company. There are opportunities to earn recurring revenue from the business you have built.

ITExitStrategy was established to provide a conduit between those who are interested in selling their business and those interested in buying (our federation). We do not charge any fees related to the purchase of any business. We are simply providing potential contact with interested parties in your company.

ITExitStrategy is Not a Broker

We are not a business broker or in any way are representing ourselves as one. We don’t offer any transactional or legal services. All interactions are between the seller and potential buyer(s). Everyone should obtain professional legal representation when conducting any negotiations and/or contractual agreements. We do not provide any guidance in the valuation of a firm or regarding the interactions between the potential buyer and seller. We are not the intermediary between the buyer and seller. Issues that arise during negotiations or after the purchase are solely between the buyer and seller.

See how much you can save by selling your business with ITExitStrategy.

Looking to Sell Your IT Business?

If you are located in the DMV – DC Metro Area (Washington, D.C., Maryland & Virginia) and are interested in selling your Information Technology business please complete our seller’s form.